Introducing PEP – The Peer Engagement Program for Region 9

This academic year, Region 9 launched PEP – the Peer Engagement Program. Professional advisors, no matter how many years in the field, have an incredible amount of wisdom to share from each other. Building on the idea that every Region 9 member can learn from another, PEP was designed as a non-hierarchal mentorship style experience that pairs two advising professionals so they can support each other in their career development journey. Over the course of a year, PEP partners connect with each other a minimum of eight times to get to know each other better, analyze common readings, and discuss career development plans.

PEP launched at the October 2015 annual conference. Already, PEP partners are reporting wonderful experiences. They highly value the personal relationships they’ve established and the ability to support each other as fellow advisors. Region 9 will begin to share profiles of these PEP participants in the weeks to come. We also hope to explore ways to extend PEP to a new cohort of advisors in time for the 2016 annual conference. 

~ Julian Ledesma, Region 9 Chair


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